Poker and Blackjack – the world’s favorite card games!

Many people seem to know that poker and blackjack are the most popular casino games online. Statistics show the popularity of these great online casino games. The table below shows the list of the most popular online casinos that offer gamblers to play poker and blackjack online. After reviewing this information, you will make your mind about where to play your favorite casino games.

Our casinos offer different types of card games, so everyone can choose the right one for him/her. There are special poker-rooms, designed for huge fans of poker. These gamblers can not only spend time in the company of like-minded people, but also earn money. We are pleased to offer you different types of poker: Texas, Omaha, Holdem, Caribbean Stud Poker and other. You have poor knowledge of its secrets and strategies – don’t be disappointed at this fact! We have prepared for you the most attractive offers. The most important thing is to examine the features of the game carefully. Of course, every form of poker has its own rules, but you need to bet anywhere. Before the cards are dealt the players make a bet called the “Ante”. The next bet is called “blind”. The one player who first received the card, makes the small blind, and sitting on his left – the big blind. There are 52 cards in poker. The next step is to choose the strategy of the game. The main thing is not to show your emotions and keep the situation under control. Try to hold to the chosen strategy, even if you are not achieving the desired results. A particular strategy may work later. Stick to the chosen strategy. Another popular online casino game is blackjack or 21. The essence of this game is to collect 21 points, or a combination of blackjack. How can this be implemented? You should know the value of cards: Queen, King and Jack are 10 points, maps from 1 to 10 points are calculated by its nominal value. What concerns Ace, depending on the situation, it is counted as 1 or 11. The suit is not important. The goal of the game, is to gather 21 points faster then the dealer does. It is also important to remember not to exceed the number 21, otherwise you will lose. If a game starts, and you can see that the dealer can collect more points, you can bet on it. If the dealer wins, you get 1 to 1 bet. Sometimes, it is necessary to abandon the game and save money than to rely entirely on luck.